The Allowance discussion.

At some point you will have to have the Allowance Discussion. Be aware that the woman will almost always try and get as much as she can up front. What works best for me, is to divide the monthly amount into 4 parts and start off weekly. This way you are putting yourself out there and offering some trust, but you are not putting out the entire amount right at the start. A woman should meet you part way. Never shell out an entire allowance without spending sometime wither her.

How much, $,$$,$$$,$$$$?

Here is the real truth. If you as a man want sex with a woman, it will cost you some money before you can have any. I believe most men already know this, and even though most women will vehemently deny it, they know it also. Pussy=Money. Fact.

Never, ever use your real name or phone number.

I know this may be hard to believe, but some women lie. I know, I know this may sound incredible, but it is true. Truth is, most of them do. Some of this goes back to the scamming post I wrote earlier, but this is more about you and your personal identification. You do not want to just give out your phone number, and or, real name in the beginning. As a matter of fact, you should keep this information to yourself until you have met them in person, and maybe you never give it out. That is up to you.

Splenda Daddy. The Purple Pill. My First Blog Post

I still want to have sex with women, but I don’t want to loose 1/2, or more, of everything I have when she decides to bail. I also don’t want to explain everything I do to a woman. I do not want to share decision making processes, especially financial one’s with a woman who cannot make enough money to live the way she wants to live on her own.