Beware the Head Shot Only Photos!!!!!!!

As I have said, some women will lie. I like my women fit and sexy. You may like something else, which is fine. A lot of men seem to like BBW, which stands for Big Beautiful Woman. If that is your thing, cool. However, I am going to speak now to the men that are looking for fit, in shape women.

How much, $,$$,$$$,$$$$?

Here is the real truth. If you as a man want sex with a woman, it will cost you some money before you can have any. I believe most men already know this, and even though most women will vehemently deny it, they know it also. Pussy=Money. Fact.

Never, ever use your real name or phone number.

I know this may be hard to believe, but some women lie. I know, I know this may sound incredible, but it is true. Truth is, most of them do. Some of this goes back to the scamming post I wrote earlier, but this is more about you and your personal identification. You do not want to just give out your phone number, and or, real name in the beginning. As a matter of fact, you should keep this information to yourself until you have met them in person, and maybe you never give it out. That is up to you.

Googling “Splenda Daddy”

When I first started looking for an alternate form of having a relationship with women, stumbled across the term Splenda Daddy, As I wrote in my previous post, I found many derogatory things being said about it. But these negative things were being said by Sugar Babies. Women who were ONLY interested in landing some very rich guy, that could spend a fortune on them, much like Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman.