Things I wish I had known before my first Meet and Greet (M&G)

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This was not written by me. I found it online on Reddit. It is written from the perspective of a SB. However, I believe a lot of it applies to a Daddy.

  1. Research as much as you can about your date. Reverse search his number, name, photos, whatever you can find of him. Yes it sounds creepy and excessive, but it’s really for your own safety. One SD just mentioned earlier in another thread that he found out his POT had multiple criminal charges, including ones of domestic violence.
  2. As a sugar baby, don’t expect (and ask) to be paid for a M&G. It’s a M&G where you both meet each other and find out if there is a connection, no real reason why he should pay to find that out. Though, you can gauge his generosity from whether he offers to cover your travel expense to and from the meet up location 🙂
  3. Discuss allowance expectations beforehand. Seriously! It’s going to suck if you spend time dolling and dressing up, making your way there, spending an hour or two together only to be told he can only afford $100 per week. I always tell my POTs that I prefer to discuss arrangement details prior to meeting to ensure that we’re on the same page. If they refuse, then proceed at your own risk.
  4. Never ever send intimate photos / sext someone before meeting them or getting any money. Whether it is an online arrangement or IRL, the payment comes first. I noticed an influx of newbies recently asking regretfully if they have been cheated because they sent these stuff after promises of payment and then the guy disappears after getting what he wants. Please learn to protect yourself.
  5. When you’re considering an allowance, sit down with a pen and paper and write down ALL your expenses in a month. Bills you need to pay, budget for books, groceries, emergency, etc. One very common question asked around here is ‘How much should I ask for?’ No one can tell you how much is good enough. Allowances differ by locations and your personal spending lifestyle. Your best bet is to list down your expenses + a little more to what sounds appropriate and reasonable to you.
  6. Don’t expect a monthly allowance to start. A smart Daddy will know the risks of starting straight with an advanced monthly allowance with someone new and would prefer a pay-per-meet basis until trust is established. On the other end, do not ever agree to someone who tells you they’ll give you a monthly allowance but only at the END of the month. Just don’t. Too risky. Looks like there are actually SDs who might do long advanced allowance! Add on: Good compromise has been to do bi-weekly for the first month or two while establishing trust. Half of the agreed upon monthly allowance on the first date, the other half on the third. [Credit: u/hesjustafriend]
  7. Your phone number is linked to your full name. It cannot be unlinked. Giving anyone your real phone number means giving them access to your full name, which gives access to your Facebook and LinkedIn and whatever other info you have online. Be aware of this, and use some kind of app when talking to POTs (I use Burner). [Credit to u/honestsugar]
  8. Your photos can be reverse image searched. If you do not want someone to reverse image search your pictures and find your Facebook, then be careful about what pictures you put on which websites. [Credit to u/honestsugar] Add on: Try to have a set of photos you use exclusively for SA so that if reverse searched, they will not be linked to your social media profile pictures.
  9. Listen to your gut. All the time. No matter how bad your financial situation is, it is not worth risking your safety. If you get a bad vibe from a guy who is offering you thousands of dollars, do NOT accept the offer just because you’re in a bad financial situation. You will figure something else out. [Credit to u/honestsugar]
  10. Don’t get so jaded that you start making assumptions about people. I sometimes still make the mistake of assuming that someone who is younger/more attractive than the average SD is just using SA as a vanilla dating website, or that they are only a “wannabe” SD. But people can surprise you. Try to keep an open mind. [Credit to u/honestsugar]
  11. You should never share banking information with a SD, especially in the first few months of meeting and especially especially if you’ve only talked with them online. If an online SD POT is asking for banking info, report them if it’s on SA. [Credit: u/C12H22O11_XY]

And the reason it’s a red flag is because someone can totally send you money without your banking info. A service like works nicely. [Credit: u/gingerdaddy56]

12. Photo safety: Your photos with your phone can contain EXIF data (GPS location, date/time, phone model, etc) if you don’t disable it. You can 1) use explorer or a 3rd party app to remove the data, 2) turn the settings off in your phone, or 3) edit the photo (flip it, watermark it, screenshot and resave it) – but these are laborious. Recommend having some pics that are for sugaring only. [Credit: u/zscuro]

This extra data, called EXIF data is embedded in the pictures and is only a click away if someone has EXIF data plugins in their browser. It shows the exact address on google maps. This could be your house. To turn off this terrible “feature” for any future photos on an iPhone, go to: Settings>Privacy>Location Services>Camera>Never allow location access. [Credit: u/canucksugar]

For Android: Settings>Apps>Camera (or whatever app you use to take photos)>Turn off location permission. For Windows desktop: Go to the photo>Right click>Properties>Details tab>Remove properties and possessional information. [Credit: u/limbo_bimbo]

13. Sell the sizzle, not the cow and make sure that you direct your appeal to the meat eaters, not the quiche eaters or sell veganism to vegans. Own your brand from the first byte of your profile to the last text or call. [Credit: u/pinotandsugar]

14. In case you are traveling to or with a POT/SD, NEVER do that unless you know his true identity. Have tickets and a hotel room booked, paid and confirmed under your name. And make sure a friend knows where you are and check on you regularly! [Credit: u/Ohhh_baby]

15. Don’t be fooled by expensive clothing or cars. A lot of girls that have been tricked into thinking that they found Mr Millionaire but nope…just a poor dude that tricked you into having sex with him. [Credit: u/MadChirimoya]

I’ll edit this post as I think of more and will also include points from other SB/SDs, if any.

Since newbies of either genders do not have access to the separate private subs right away, if we put this information up on a public and more accessible platform, it will help them out immensely 🙂

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