How to initiate contact with your Potential(POT) Sugar Baby (SB) on Seeking Arrangement (SA).

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So you have signed up for SA, paid to become a premium member, now what?

Spend time writing a great profile. In the About Me section, write something that will tell them what kind of person you are, what kind of things you like doing, and anything else you think they would find appealing. If you are a kind person, describe yourself as such. If you are an asshole, describe yourself that way. I think you should be honest, even though most women that I talk to say most men on the site are far from honest.

In the Seeking section, describe what you are looking for. I know I am looking to fuck, as well as other things, but you really should be creative or else you will just come across as rude and crass. Besides, I don’t believe SA would allow saying you just want to fuck, but I could be wrong. You can say things like, “I am not looking for a platonic relationship.”

I went through several iterations of my profile, and my introduction letter, learning what worked for me and what did not. But over time, I have come up with something that works very well. Most women will have written something about themselves, what they are seeking, and sometimes both. I recommend mentioning something about what they have written in your introduction message, just to let them know you have taken the time to read about them. This seems to help, at least it helps me.

I recommend installing the SA app on your phone, and allowing notifications. This way you know when a POT has viewed you, and also if they have responded to you. Respond to their message soon. You don’t have to respond immediately, as a matter of fact I would not because I think it comes across as too eager, but within an hour is best if you can. You do not want to make them wait too long, and you also don’t want to loose out to another Daddy. Keep the conversation going as long as you have to to try and reel her in, and eventually, get her panties off.

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