Discretion and Your Sugar Baby. How do you handle being seen together in public?

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So you have found your baby. Congratulations!!! She is fantastic in bed, lets you fuck her with enthusiasm, and is happy to show her appreciation to you, and you are happy to giver her her allowance every single time. You are spending time together in your home, or the hotel room, but what happens if you decide to go out together in public? Can you take her out, or do you or her have to be discreet? Can you show affection in public? Do you introduce her to your friends? Family? What happens if she stays the night and a friend or family member pops over to visit you unannounced? What will you say?

Each Sugar relationship is different. You will both need to talk about how you are going to portray yourselves in public. You may want to show her off, but she may not want or be able to be seen that way. She may want you to show her off, but you cannot be seen in public that way. Ideally, you both have already discussed this before you enter into the relationship. Remember honoring each others needs and wishes are part of the respect that must be a part of your relationship together. No matter how hot she is, and no matter how much you may want to show her off, if she cannot be seen in public in that manner, you cannot do it. Period.

Not all people that I will be describing will act the way I am writing about. I am only giving you real situations that have happened to me while I have been in public with my babies.

Let’s take a look at some different scenarios that you may encounter.

Judgmental women. You may encounter some judgmental men if they see you with your baby, but most men will give you the “Good Job!! nod, or just smile at you wishing they could have what you have. They will probably check her out by eyeball fucking her, so be read for that. As long as that is all they do, I take it as a compliment. But from my experience, 95% of all judgement, anger, resentment,unasked for opinions, and unsolicited advice will come from women. And the younger she is, the more judgmental they all will be.

Women who are close to hitting the wall, or already have.

Women who are close to, or have already hit the wall can be very vicious. They are generally pissed off, single, overweight and are more than willing to take out all their misery on you. Typically she is a single mom, and her sexual market value has dropped to near 0. The only hope she has of finding a man is to stumble across a mangina or a simp, and even if she is able to find one, he will definitely be a beta or lower male. After all, she is unhappy, why should anyone else be? And she will have no problem telling you all about it.

Older Women

Older women can be pretty fucking judgmental. Also, the more Christian they are, the worse they tend to be. Another case of they are not happy, why should you (or anyone else) be?

Fat Women

Fat women are another source of judgment, anger, and even hatred. They see you with a pretty little POA, and they have no problem telling you what a dirty and disgusting old man she thinks you are. Of course if she had not let herself go and could stop eating the box of donuts, she might be peddling her pussy as well. But most men that I know are not at all attracted to fat women. I am certainly am not, and I will leave them to the few who like the BBW, as they like to call themselves which means Big Beautiful Women for those of you that don’t know. They can’t call themselves Fat, so they have to create something else to call themselves. However, no matter what they call themselves, they are fat, and pissed off about it.

You married friends

If you have friends that are married, are girlfriend/boyfriend, or other wise coupled, understand that the woman in that relationship will NOT like your baby. And the older she is, the more the hatred. She is perfectly happy being a bitch to her husband, and she dose not want him getting any ideas.

Your Family

Your family may or may not approve. Certainly at least some of them will not. Be ready for that, and have your ducks in a row with your baby to have the same story, if that is something you choose to do as a way to handle the situation.

I choose that my baby and I do not show public affection when we are close to where we live. There are just too many people willing to tell you what they think, and that can really put a damper on the evening. I do tell my very close friends, and even some family that accepts what I do without judgment. When we are alone together, even in the car we hold hands. But when we get out to go into a restaurant, or some other public place, we act as friends only.

This is of course all depending on many things for you, even where you might live. But like everything with sugar dating, it should be talked about before the situation arrises.

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