Before your first Meet & Greet

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Research as much as you can about your date. Reverse search her number, name, photos, whatever you can find. Yes it sounds creepy and excessive, but it’s really for your own safety. An experienced SB will know not to use her own number, and it may be hard to find out any information, but try everything you can. Remember, until you actually see her, she could be anyone. Never assume she is telling the truth about anything.

You should never pay a sugar baby for a Meet & Greet (M&G). A M&G is where you both meet each other and find out if there is a connection. As such, there is no real reason why you should pay to find that out. However, you should show your generosity, and class, by offering to cover her travel expense to and from the meet up location.

Always discuss allowance expectations beforehand. It will be a complete wast of time showering, cleaning up, driving to the location, spending an hour or two together only to be told she wants more than you can afford. I always tell my POTs (Potential SB) that I prefer to discuss arrangement details prior to meeting to ensure that we’re on the same page. If they refuse, then be ready for a wasted date, time and money.

Never send nude photos or sext her before meeting her. This is for a couple of different reasons, and I will address them after this. You may ask her for more photos if she does not have enough for you to see everything you need to see. Ask for a front, side and backside. Never ask for nudes. Tell her underwear or swimsuit are preferred. This way you can tell beforehand if she is your cup of tea, and make an informed decision. I covered some of this on my post Beware the Head Shot Only Photos. If she wont send body photos, be prepared for a chubby.

If you are unsure of her age, ask her to send you a copy of her ID. She can block out everything except her Photo and her Date of Birth. Once you meet her, and establish she is of age, you can ask for all the nude photos you want. However, I don’t think it is a good idea to send them at all.

If you have not done so already, read my post The Allowance Discussion Don’t start with a monthly allowance. A smart Daddy will know the risks of starting straight with an advanced monthly allowance with a new baby and you should see each other on a pay-per-meet basis until trust is established. On the other end, do not ever offer her a monthly allowance but only at the END of the month. That shows a lack of class, and trust. Once some trust has been established, you can advance her more. However, in my opinion, you should never advance her more than two weeks. It just does not tend to work out well if you advance her more.

Follow your instincts. No matter how pretty she is, or how bad you want to fuck her, it is not worth risking your safety, or being scammed.. If you get a bad feeling from a woman, move on.

Work hard not to become jaded. People can surprise you so try to keep an open mind. Never share banking information with a SB for any reason at anytime. If an online SB POT is asking for banking info, report them if it’s on SA. And the reason it’s a red flag is because someone can totally send you money without your banking info. A service like CashApp works well.

Photo safety: Your photos with your phone can contain EXIF data (GPS location, date/time, phone model, etc) if you don’t disable it. You can 1) use explorer or a 3rd party app to remove the data, 2) turn the settings off in your phone, or 3) edit the photo (flip it, watermark it, screenshot and resave it) – but these are laborious. Recommend having some pics that are for sugaring only.

This extra data, called EXIF data is embedded in the pictures and is only a click away if someone has EXIF data plugins in their browser. It shows the exact address on google maps. This could be your house. To turn off this terrible “feature” for any future photos on an iPhone, go to: Settings>Privacy>Location Services>Camera>Never allow location access. 

For Android: Settings>Apps>Camera (or whatever app you use to take photos)>Turn off location permission. For Windows desktop: Go to the photo>Right click>Properties>Details tab>Remove properties and possessional information. 

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