It’s Time to find a new one!!!

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Well my last relationship has probably ended. I have been seeing her for about 7 months, and even though it started out a little rocky, it ended up being pretty nice. She was 23, very pretty, and had pierced nipples on some very firm nice tits. She has a nice little round ass, and a beautiful shaved cunt, and she was always clean and smelled good. One of the things I liked about her the most was whenever I was going down on her little cunt, her fucking hips would just grind against my mouth, and fingers when I had them in her. I usually started fingering her first and kissing her pretty mouth all the while. Then I would work my my down to her little mound, and her breath would just come faster and faster as I worked my way down. She really enjoyed being mouth fucked, and I would do that for a while, and get her all worked up before putting my two fingers in. Her little moans were just fucking hot as hell, and her moaning and grinding was a real turn on for me. She will just say things like, “Yes Daddy, just like that! Yes! Yes! I would ask her if she liked me fingering her pussy, and she would tell me she loved it. I told her very early on that I wanted her to tell me when she was cumming. That way I could keep it going for her, but back it off nice and slow while finished. Whenever I did that she would just lay there for a bit and not be able to move. I let her stay lake that for quite awhile, just so she could really enjoy the orgasm and the aftermath of it.

Then it was my turn. Sometimes I would have her suck on my dick for awhile, but most of the time I just mounted her and fucked her. Making her cum, and all the squirming and moaning turned me on, and then looking at her, how really pretty she was, and with her legs spread open with that bald wet pussy just made me want to put my dick in her.

She was a sweet little POA, and would do anything I asked her. She never even once told me no. One time I asked her (I ALWAYS ask) if I could fuck her in her ass. She looked at me and said, “Sure!”, then flipped over on her stomach. And I mean on her stomach, not just turned over with her pretty little ass in the air so I could fuck her from behind, but on flat on her stomach. She had done it before, and knew the proper mounting position for a good ass fucking.

I lubed her up, and went in. Her pussy was nice and tight, but her ass was incredibly tight. I fucked her like that for about 10 minutes and then said I was about to cum. She told me I could cum in her ass. When she said that, I blew immediately!

Other times I would just have her suck me off, and she did this well. I loved it when she would look at me with my dick in her mouth. That has always seemed sexy to me, and she would work it just right. And when I did cum, she would swallow every drop.

The only real issue I had with her was that all she wanted to do was fuck. I really wanted to do more, like go places, have dinner, things like that. But she had a boyfriend, and even though she told me it was OK with him what we were doing, I don’t know if I believe her. As I have said before, and I will surely say again, women will lie.

On our first date she met me for dinner, and we talked about the arrangement, and went straight home and fucked. I told her that until we had established trust, I would give her allowance to her as we met. This worked pretty well, and then once I had another date scheduled with another prospective baby. There was a conflict, so I went ahead and sent payment to her (I will write more about how that can work in a later post) and she agreed to reschedule with me. The prospective baby I had the date with did not work out She was a little thicker than I like, so I decided not to see her again. So, I had already given the allowance to my current baby, so we scheduled a time to meet. She never showed.

I was not pissed off. I really kind of expected it. So I really blew her off, and intended to keep looking. Then about two weeks later, I was home alone, with no one scheduled to see, and I called her up. We talked, and I told her I was not mad, but I was disappointed. I asked her if she would like to have another chance, and she jumped at it. She never stood me up again until the very end.

Towards the end, she had lost her job (again) and was having trouble making all of her payments. At one point, for about a month, the only money she was getting was from me, and she just kept getting more and more behind, and I kept advancing her. She even tried to arrange to meet me 5 times in one week, just to get it back in balance. I told her I could not do more than 3 times, so we did that, and sure enough she needed more money, and I fronted her some more. But, I never fronted her more that I wanted to loose. But in the end, she has not called me.

I really believe that she is ashamed to call me. she got so far behind, and not it would take her 6 weeks to “work it off.”

But, I am okay with it. I had a great time with a fine little piece of ass, and even though she was everything I could ask for in the bedroom, the bedroom is the only place we ever saw each other.

I am ready to move on, and find the next one.

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