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Not Anymore!

This was the way my life was going, and it was the same with every other guy that I knew. Then, I woke up, looked around, and decided that I was going to change the rule.

No I negotiate what I will do, and what I will not do for pussy. No longer do I have to try and make a woman happy, just so I can get laid.

And here is another fact. You cannot make a woman happy. No matter what you give her, it will not be enough. It might be enough for today, but tomorrow, she will want more. The day after that, she will expect more. And the day after that, she will demand more. And the amount of pussy she “gives” you is directly related to how happy “you” are making her at that moment.

It. Will. Never. Be. Enough.

So read my other posts, and drop me a comment if you will. I would love to hear from other men that are as sick and tired of trying to do the impossible as I was; trying to make a woman happy.

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