Another type of Scam.

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There is another type of scam that I would like to tell you about. This goes back some to an earlier post of mine, and if you have not read it, please do so.

In this scam, you contact some pretty young thing, and you write each other for a bit, and then she wants to exchange numbers. You text her with your real phone number, and things go well. Then she sends you some pictures, some or all of them are nude, or partially nude.

Then, sometime after, you get a message from that phone from “her father” and he is pissed off, and says that the girl in the pictures is his daughter, and she is under age. He demands that you call him to discuss the issue.

He will then tell you he is thinking about calling the police, and you better come up with some good answers. He may tell you he wants you to delete the photos, and somehow he will tell you that the photos are on his computer, and he does not know how to erase them.

So, he will tell you that if you buy him another computer, or give him the money for one, he will go easy on you and not call the police.

This almost sound plausible, except for the money exchange that he wants from you. He now has your real phone number, and as I have covered already (see link) he could have your name and address. And, you don’t know what kind of person this is. Chances are, you don’t want to.

If you ever get a message or call like this, I would suggest deleting the conversation from you phone, and block the number that “the father” called you from, and report the profile to the web site. If you get another message, destroy the phone if it is a burner, or get another number if you are using an app.

Never, ever, use your real phone number.

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