Is Marriage financial suicide?

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This is reality.

Yes. This not only can happen. It does happen. My experience is that ALL of the women that I have entered into a serious relationship have started off very nice, and seemed appreciative of me, and what I was able to provide for them. I never abused them, in any way, shape, or form. I treated them with kindness, and respect. I worked my ass off to provide a nice living. And in the end, they ALWAYS wanted more. They were never satisfied. I always made way more money than any of them. And in the end, every single one of them left and took as much from me as they possibly could. Financially, and emotionally.

Every single woman that I have been involved with in a serious relationship became opportunistic, bitches. When they did not get what they wanted, and somehow thought they deserved, they all somehow morphed into entitled, greedy, childish, irrational, vindictive cunts. Plain and simple.

My advice to any man is that if you want to get married, never do so without a prenuptial agreement. Marriage is a legal, binding contract. Hire an attorney and speak with them before getting married, and find out what your options are before you put a ring on it.

So, if you thing you are immune, think differently. Be prepared. Layout the breakup BEFORE it happens. If she gets offended at this, RUN!


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