Is this exploitation?

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One definition of exploitation is, the action or fact of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work, or for their own benefit.

As with so many things in life, all people will not agree on exactly where that line is, or when it is crossed. I certainly feel that I have been exploited by women in my past. I have been treated unfairly by women who benefited from my work.

Does this mean I want to exploit women now? No. As a matter of fact, I think because I have been exploited, I understand exactly how that feels, and I do NOT wish to exploit another human being. I feel the difference is the fact that I only want to have a relationship with a woman who has agreed with me about what terms will be BEFORE we will enter into a relationship. That is when we have an Agreement. We both agree to the terms and have clarified what those terms will be through discussion. I will only engage in a consensual relationship.

If a woman CHOOSES to have a relationship with me, and we have discussed and agreed to the terms of that relationship, then I have no moral issues entering into a relationship with that woman. Her and I both have freewill. Coercion has NO place here.

For the most part, what we are dealing with is a moral issue. For me, as long as both parties agree there is no issue. You may have differing opinions, which is fine. You need to decide what is right for you.

And remember, more women now than ever are willing to pull up their skirts and flash her pussy at you in public. She is also way less hung up on sex and more willing to have casual sex than and older woman. A lot of young women are selling their nude photo and videos of themselves. Sexting, is common.

I do want to address something very important here. I am talking about women, Not girls. Not all Countries or states in the United States have the same legal definitions, and the legal age for sexual consent varies. Most states in the US seem to agree that 18 is the legal age for sexual consent. However, under some circumstances, Washington may be 21. I say this for two reasons. The first and most important reason is, if you are interested in having sex with a person who is NOT of legal age, You are in the wrong place, and not welcome here. This blog is for people looking for consensual relationships, and that includes the fact that the people involved be of a legal age to make those decisions. The second reason is you need to be aware of what the legal issues are where you live, or where the relationship may be. If you are NOT CERTAIN what those legal requirements are; FIND OUT. ASK YOUR ATTORNEY OR LEGAL COUNSEL. If you have not already read my Legal Disclaimer, now is the time to do so. I never recommend, or advise ANYONE to break ANY laws. I do advise and recommend that you be fully aware of the laws that govern you, in anyway, shape or form.

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