Relationships on your terms.

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I say never again. I will never be in a position to let another person, take anything from me. I can be strong, without being rude. I can be kind, without being weak. I can be humble, without being timid. I can be proud, without being arrogant. I can be honest, without being mean.

I am a naturally kind caring person. I believe this is also part of the problems that I have had in the past with women. I wanted to care, help, nurture, and love them. All of the women that I have ever been involved with seemed to like these traits in me……… at first. But over time, they all used them against me, and ended up taking me for everything they could.

So what can a man do when he is addicted to women? Just as a person who drinks too much alcohol can learn to drink in moderation, I feel this is the same approach that I take with women. I can enjoy them, but they do not have to destroy me.

As you may be able to tell from the pictures I post here, I love a certain type of woman. And I love what I love. But setting boundaries has helped me to enjoy women without giving them any power over me.

If my current partner wants more money, I can give it, or not, if I want to. But…… I don’t HAVE to. A huge difference. We can both continue to see each other as long as we both want.

If for any reason one of us decides to end the relationship, it is done. No hurtful breakups. No divorce. No alimony. No judge. No paperwork. No lawyer. You just end it. And, if you want, you find someone new.

So enjoy all that a woman has to offer. Just don’t let her PU$$Y have any power over you.

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