How to keep her coming back for more.

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So you have found her. How do you keep her?

Some who read this may argue, but I believe in being respectful, kind and caring to everyone. For the women who have fucked me over, this means that I just get them out of my life, as much as possible, and as soon as possible. I do prefer to be nice, and sometimes the easiest way to do that to someone who has wronged you, is to interact with them as little as possible.

If you are like me, and have been wronged by a woman, or women, but still want to enjoy all that a woman has to offer, then I am a living breathing example of how that can be done.

Just because I have been severely fucked over by women, does not mean I want to treat women badly, or get back at them in some way. On the contrary, I LOVE the touch, smell, and feel of a woman. I just do not want to be fucked over by one again in a sever way. So I have found a new approach that works very well for me. I want to share this, in hopes other men with similar ideas and circumstances may find joy in being with a woman without fear of divorce rape.

RESPECT. Respect her as a person. Remember, she is bringing something to the relationship as well. You cannot have this kind of relationship without her. She may be young, and inexperienced in life, and especially how to handle money, but treat her with respect. If she ever does something to try and fuck you over, don’t take it personally. End the relationship and move on. There are truly many more fish in this sea. You found her, you can find another.

KINDNESS. Be kind to her. Most people in this world appreciate kindness. Some of these women will not have had much of that in their lives. For a few, it might even be the first time.

YOU CAN BE FIRM WITHOUT BEING MEAN. Most every woman I have ever met has always tried to push me past my limits. In typical relationships, this is, for me at least, the norm. Here, you can set your limits, and if she tries to push you past them, as she always will, you can decide if you want to go past your limits or not. But, you can be firm without having to be mean about it. I will give you an example.

In an early stage of one of my relationships, I met and entered into a trial relationship with a very young, beautiful woman. We had a very good date, over dinner, and she ended up following me to my house, and we had some great sex. Sex on the same evening as a fist date, is rather rare, so I was extremely happy on this evening. As we had just met, I divided the monthly allowance that I had agreed to give her by the number of times that I wanted to see her each week. She was happy, and so was I.

I saw her twice more, and gave her the allocated allowance each time. I fronted her an allocated allowance once, and we scheduled a time to meet. She was a no show. I called her again later in the week, and I asked her if she wanted to continue to see me. She said she did. I told her firmly, but not in a mean way, that I was going to give her one more chance, and asked her if she understood what was going to happen if she stood me up again. She said, that she understood that if she didn’t show, I would never see her again. I told her she was correct. I also told her that I would not front her allowance again, until she proved to me that she would keep her word. I also told her, just because I wanted to set an example of how understanding I was, that she didn’t “owe me” anything for the appointment she missed.

She never missed another appointment. We did have to reschedule a few times, but she never missed.

BE UNDERSTANDING. Remember, she can be much younger than you. She will not have the life experience that you have. She will most likely always have problems managing her money. You do not have to go beyond your limits, but at least be understanding of her problems. This does not mean that you have to let her drama effect your life in a negative way. However, if she is young, she will most always have some drama of her own. You can listen, but you don’t have to fix it.

TELL HER SHE IS BEAUTIFUL. Tell her she is beautiful. Tell her how nice it is to see her. If she comes over to your house, welcome her and compliment her on something. I don’t know of many women who do not like to hear compliments. They can go along way.

ASK HER. In the beginning, if you have not already asked her about something, and you want to do it to her, ASK her if it is OK with her BEFORE you do it. Hopefully you will have discussed some of these things beforehand, but you cannot ever cover everything before. So ask her what she likes, what she does not. Do what she likes, do not do what she does not. Even if you have already discussed it beforehand, when you get her into your bed the first time, ASK. Ask her if it is alright if you touch her. Ask if you can kiss her. Ask her. She will probably not be used to this, and it may even throw her off a little. But, in my experience, she will learn to appreciate it, especially later as the relationship grows. When in doubt, ASK. It is ALWAYS better to ask and be clear, then assume and be wrong.

KEEP YOU WORD. If the relationship grows, do other nice things for her. You should ALWAYS do what you say you will. Especially financially. Whatever you have agreed to. Do it. But also do other things, find out what kind of things she likes and buy her little things. They can be simple little things, or larger, whatever you feel comfortable with, but remember she is a woman, and she will love gifts, presents, or unexpected nice gestures. Think of it as a tip, much like you would give to a server at a restaurant. You do not have to do this all the time, every time, but you should do something here and there. But NEVER make her ask for her allowance. ALWAYS have it ready for her.

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