The Purple Pill?

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What does taking the Purple Pill mean? In the movie The Matrix, Neo has to decide if he is going to swallow the red pill, or the blue pill. If he swallows the blue pill, he goes back to his “regular life” and moves on. But Neo feels something inside that tells him something is wrong with the world he lives in. Morpheus describes it as “A splinter in your mind.”

Neo decides to swallow the red pill, to learn the truth, that he has been deceived his entire life.

Men Going Their Own Way, also known as MGTOW, is a popular men’s movement about the downsides of getting financially (and emotionally) involved with women. I agree with much of what they are about, although I do see some really stupid things that women do, but to be fair, there are a lot of stupid men out there too. Some women do abuse men, but some men also abuse women.

But the basic issue that a large amount of women take advantage of men, is something that I agree with, because it has happened to me multiple times. I seriously cannot see myself ever getting married again. But if for some reason I ever changed my mind, it would NEVER be done without a prenuptial agreement. It is better to piss her off before you marry her with this agreement, than to wait until she gets pissed off for something else, decides to divorce your ass, and takes fucks you in the ass and leaves you living in your car.

So, what can you do? The Purple Pill. I decided that I wanted something in between the Red Pill and The Blue Pill. I wanted to be aware of everything that women can do, but I still wanted to fuck. So, I took The Purple Pill.

If you have EVER been fucked over by a woman, as I have on multiple occasions, you SHOULD study up on the MGTOW philosophy. You should study how deceitful, and ruthless women can be. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned………

So, you can fuck them, but NOT fall in love with them. Not marry them. Not give away 1/2 of everything. Find a woman who will accept and allowance from you, to see you, and fuck you. The best of both worlds.

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