The Benefits Of An Arrangement With A Younger Woman

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Besides the fact that some of the women are pretty, or even downright beautiful, there are some other advantages.

Young women are easy to find thanks to websites like – Especially more women you find hot and would like to get them into your bed. SA and other sites have A LOT of young women looking for someone to help pay their bills, and really increases your chances of finding the right partner for your needs.

Being with a younger woman may encourage you to stay healthier. Having sex with a younger woman will require you to be as fit as you can be. You may want to look as good as you can just to help you attract an attractive woman. Let’s face it, we want as attractive young woman as we can get, and the better you look, the better your odds of landing her. Go to the gym, walk, whatever, but get into and stay in shape.

Chances are she will do things to you, and let you do things to her, that older women sometimes will not; and the sex can just better with a hot young woman. Do you like to have your dick sucked? Most younger women include this as a general sex practice and have no problems giving oral sex. Just remember that good hygiene is important. I doubt that you would would want to go down on some smelly woman, and she won’t want to go down on her if your nether regions smells like the local dump. Shower, use soap, be clean. She may even let you fuck her in her ass. Always ask, and if she says no, respect her decision. If it is really important to you to have anal sex with her, make sure and bring it up for discussion before hand, and make sure that you negotiate that into the arrangement. She may say she is fine with it. She may get offended and never talk to you again. But if you are patient, and and discuss it, you may be able to find what you are looking for.

Other things are available too, such as role play, light BDSM, whatever. But again, be clear in your negotiations as to what you want if you desire something specific. Take care of her needs too. If she likes toys, get her some. Vibrators can be a lot of fun. I like to get my women off. It just turns me on to see them cum. I like her to look into my eyes as she comes, and I tell them to say “I’m cuming”, so I know exactly when, and how to back off slowly. Remember, you keep her cumming, and she will cum back for more.

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