The Allowance discussion.

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At some point you will have to have the Allowance Discussion. Be aware that the woman will almost always try and get as much as she can up front. What I prefer is PPM (Pay Per Meet) until trust is established. She may not go for this, and if not you could divide the monthly amount into 4 parts and start off weekly. This way you are putting yourself out there and offering some trust, but you are not putting out the entire amount right at the start. A woman should meet you part way. Never shell out an entire allowance without spending sometime wither her.

Remember, some women will fuck you on the first date, most will not. But be clear about your expectations. If you want to have sex with her as part of the arrangement, then ask her when you can have sex with her. This is not place to be bashful. Ask.

And always remember that no matter how much you give them, they will ALWAYS want and ask for more. You will have to decide how much that you are going to “Advance” them at any given point. There will ALWAYS be some “thing” in their lives that require more money from you, and you have to decide how much you are going to trust them. I personally never get “behind” more than a week.

All of the women that I have ever been in a relationship with have no understanding of limits or boundaries. Especially, financial ones. They really believe that their pussy is worth a million dollars, and that because of that, they will suck as much money from you as they can. You do not have to be mean, as a matter of fact I am against being mean to anyone, but you do have to be firm.

They will beg, cry, scream, and lie to you to get you to do more than you want, and remember, they may say they appreciate what you do, but they really don’t. Most of them will ALWAYS think they can get more for their pussy then they are getting at the moment, and they will ALWAYS be looking for another opportunity. Never trust them.

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