How much, $,$$,$$$,$$$$?

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Here is the real truth. If you as a man want sex with a woman, it will cost you some money before you can have any. I believe most men already know this, and even though most women will vehemently deny it, they know it also. Pussy should be spelled PU$$Y. Fact.

A beautiful woman is going to KNOW she is beautiful. She will have spent many hours in front of the mirror making herself as beautiful as she can be. And the more beautiful and desirable she is, the more time she will have spent looking into that mirror perfecting the makeup, hair, and even the way she wants to use her eyes look at you. She will have practiced the come fuck me look so that she will be ready when the time comes for you to open your wallet. So, the more beautiful, sexy, and seductive she is, the more money she will cost you. This is her Sexual Market Value.

So she won’t have sex with you until you have spent money for dinners, flowers, gifts, etc…. In truth, this is just another form of prostitution. But for some reason, we are lead to believe that this THIS form of trading sex for money is acceptable, normal, legal, and expected.

However, times have changed, and the Sexual Market Value of women has finally come down. Now, now regular men, who have worked enough to have some disposable income can get quality sex now for less money than ever. That is why I am here, to spread the word on how to spread her legs for less money.

Sexual Market Value is like any other commodity. To those of you who have never considered this, let’s take a moment and consider oil prices. When oil is scarce, the price goes up. Remember the prices before the last big crash? I do. I was paying over $5 a gallon back then. But, when there is an abundance of oil, the price goes down. We are in a situation now, that pussy has finally reached a point of saturation.

This way of life is not free and is going to cost you some time, and some money. If you do not have any disposable income, this approach will not work for you. My personal thoughts are that it will cost a minimum of $1000 per month, but it could be more. It depends on a lot of factors. It depends are the Sexual Market Value where you are. A home in San Francisco will cost much more than the same home in Boise, Idaho.

I have heard some Sugar Babies getting more that $4000 a month. But these women are generally drop dead gorgeous, have a perfect body, and model quality. The 10’s so to speak. And, this is usually in a very large populated city.

But, we are not trying to compete with the rich guys. Let them have the top picks. There are way too few rich guys, and 10’s for them to spoil. But this leaves an enormous amount of 9’s and below for us to work with and choose from. You could get lucky and land a 10 that just could’t find a rich guy.

The 9’s and below are women willing to do the same things with you that the 10’s are doing. But, they will do it for less. Because so many women now are looking for financial help, it has created a glut of attractive, and usually young women ready to jump in the sack with you for a little help. It really can be a win win.

So we will let the rich guys have the very few, and we can work with the abundance what is left. And believe me, when the Sugar Daddies are done, there are still many fine young women out there who would be happy to to accept what you have can offer them.

So figure out what you can spend, and figure accordingly. Have a budget, and work within it.

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