Beware the Head Shot Only Photos!!!!!!!

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What her body could look like

As I have said, some women will lie. I like my women fit and sexy. You may like something else, which is fine. A lot of men seem to like BBW, which stands for Big Beautiful Woman. If that is your thing, cool. However, I am going to speak now to the men that are looking for fit, in shape women.

Through experience, I can tell you that if a women is looking for an arrangement, she is going to do her best to attract your attention. However, be aware of the ones who post only photos of their face, and none of their bodies. Ninety percent or more of the time, there is a very good reason for this. They are either overweight, or just plain fat. I do not find this attractive, and it is not something I want, or even interested in.

When I was new to this, I wasted a LOT of time and money on women who showed up to the restaurant to meet, only to find out they were out of shape. Some, pretty severely. I shared a little about what happened to me in this regard in a previous post,

As I mentioned in a previous post, if you are looking in real life, such as breastaurants, or biker rallies, etc, you can see for yourself what they look like; what kind of shape their bodies are in.

But if you are looking online, beware. If their face looks chubby in the face pics, chances are she is a chubby. Do not be afraid to ask them for more pictures of themselves. I have asked many women who have contacted me for more photos. I ask for (never demand) photos of their bodies so that I can clearly see their shape. I ask for a front, a side, and a backside.

I am polite when I ask, but also very clear about what I am looking for. Some will be offended. That is OK. Move on.

This part is VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Ask them to upload the pictures to the web site and mark them as PRIVATE. NEVER, EVER, ask them to send them to your phone or email. I must reiterate this again. SOME FEMALES LIE, and I use the term FEMALES here to separate them from Women. You have no way of knowing for certain if the woman is indeed of legal age. So never ask for a picture through text or email. If you ever get a nude or sexually explicate photo – DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!! You cannot control what someone sends to your phone, but you can control what is on it.

An underage female can send you a nude or sexually explicate text, without your permission, and if you keep it, you could go to jail, and possibly face sex offender issues. Keep ANY QUESTIONABLE photos off of your phone and emails

Seeking Arrangement will not allow any nude or sexually explicate photos on their sites, so ONLY ask the females to upload them to the site.

This is for your own protection. I must state here again the SOME FEMALES LIE. Just because a female states that she is of legal age on her profile, does NOT MEAN THAT SHE IS.

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