What do you want?

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As I have said, before you can get what you want, you have to know what you want.

These are images of women that I find beautiful. I do not care if I have been conditioned this way; If I have, I am thankful. I love to look at things that I find beautiful, and I have the right to do so.

Do pictures like the ones above objectify women? I don’t give a fuck one way or the other. They are beautiful to me, and I would fuck every single one of them if I could.

Am I having sex with women as beautiful as these? Not quite, but some of the one’s I have, are pretty damn close. I have had several that were at least 90% as hot as the women pictured above.

Shoot for what you want, but be willing to settle for something that is within you comfort zone, say 75% or better to start with.

How close you can get will depend on many factors, and I will start addressing these now.

I am not attracted to fat women. Some men are, or they do not care, but for me, it is just not my thing. I did meet a young woman once, and I made the mistake of not asking for photos of her body. I went off of the beautiful photo she had of her face, and when she showed up at the restaurant to meet, she was a BIG one. I had not been laid in awhile, so I took her home, and when she took her clothes off, well, it wan’t good.

She was very willing, and eager to please, but I just could not get past it. I could not fuck her with my eyes open, I was glad when I finished up,

I had to let her know the next day that we would not be seeing each other again. I did not tell her it was because she grossed me out. I told her something else because I still do not believe in hurting anyone’s feelings if I don’t have to. I told her a lie. But, it spared hurting her. I will cover more on the Head Shot Only Photo in a later post.

When I first started contacting women that I would find on SA, I would write to some women that I really wasn’t very attracted too. I ended up spending a lot of time writing and communicating, and eventually meeting some women that I just in the end, was not interested in.

If you are halfway good looking, and take decent care of yourself, you can find a good looking woman on the site. But, that of course is objective, and will be determined by your taste in women.

But don’t be afraid to reach out to the really beautiful ones. You may or may not be able to land one, but you damn sure won’t if you don’t try.

Know what is important to you. For me, I want her pretty, in really fine shape. I don’t care if she sings, or cleans her house. I want her to look good, and be willing to satisfy me in bed. I like arm candy.

What do you like?

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