Scams – Beware!!!!!

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Beware the scams. They are everywhere. Before you go searching for that pretty little POA, remember that most all of the women that are looking for some “extra cash” are willing to lie to you to get it.

There is even a You tube video called HOW TO INITIATE THE “ALLOWANCE” CONVERSATION where a sugar baby actually tells other women how and when to lie. Watch the whole thing, but she will start the lying tutorial about 2:30 minutes in.

This is not only common, it is the norm. You have to remember what you are looking for, and what the women are looking for. You are looking for a nice little POA. They want money. And a lot of them are willing to try and scam you out of it.

Most stories are like the YouTube video. They are in the middle of a crisis, and they are begging you to “help them out” of it.

My advice on this, is never deal with a woman in crisis. If she needs the money right now,and cannot wait even one more day, move on. She knows what she is doing, and is making money without using her body some, if not all, of the time. If you give anything, chances are you will not get a thing, and never see her again.

They will always need rent; “I am getting kicked out tomorrow!” Car assistance; “My transmission when out!” They will tell you any thing. It could be for a phone, a sick Grandma, they just got all their money scammed from their bank account, etc. I have heard so many, and I cannot list all of the possible lies they will tell, but suffice it to say it will almost always be some kind of emergency. DRAMA!

Drama is something I do not want in my life. Girl friends, and wives come with plenty of drama, and is another reason I wanted to find something different. I will cover more about drama in a later post. But for now, I advise staying as far from it as you can.

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