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I spent a great deal of time any money learning about the Splenda Daddy lifestyle. There is very little information about this specific life choice, and that is one of the reasons I wanted to write this blog.

Before you can find what you want, you have to know what you want. For me, this started off more as learning what I did NOT want.

As I have already written, I have been fucked over by several women, and I am just sick of it. But, I still want to fuck. So what is a man to do?

There are actually a lot of men who are in this boat. As with anything, there are many degrees as to how men deal with the problem. One of the things I found out about after I was majorly fucked over by a woman the last time (and yes, it will be my last) was something called Men Going Their Own Way, or MGTOW for short.

I agree with a lot of what MGTOW stands for, and what it is all about. But I don’t agree with all of it. As with anything, there is a balance one must find. In the end, I was not ready to become a MGTOW monk. I was not ready to completely give up women; or more honestly, pussy.

I really don’t want a women in my day to day life ever again. But I still want company to dinner or a concert, and I still want her in my bed. All of this lead me here, writing about my experiences along the way and searching to find answers to this dilemma.

Even though I disagree with with some of what MGTOW has to say, I believe that any man that has been fucked over by a woman in anyway should at least listen, learn, and come to your own conclusions.

There is also some good information in The Men’s Rights Movement. Like MGTOW, I don’t believe everything, but they do make some really good points.

There is also a very good movie, a documentary called The Red Pill. I would suggest you watch it sometime.

If you do watch The Red Pill, try and make time to see Meeting The Enemy, a TEDx talk in which the woman who made the documentary, Cassie Jaye, talks about what happened to her after making the film.

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