How do you find the women?

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As a Splenda Daddy, I have had the most success with However, I have also had limited success with I am sure there are others, but these are two that I have actually met real women on, and have had sex with them.

You have to be willing to put yourself out there somewhat. Let’s start with Seeking Arrangement, or SA as it is known by members on the site. SA is not free, and actually, you don’t want it to be. In my opinion, anything free is not worth anything.

If you only want to browse, just to check things out, you can do so for free. But you will have to create a username, and spend a little time filling out your profile. I usually write a good description of myself, and what I am looking for, but you can fill out only the minimum if you want to just see how it works.

So pick a user name, and DO NOT use your real name. You cannot change your username, so make sure you can live with it. Next, pick some kind of heading. You can change that anytime so it is not that important.

You will need to enter a birth date. Notice I said “a birth date” not your birth date. I never use my real birth date on any online forms, unless required by law, as in government sites. Birth dates are far to important to give out randomly. Pick something close to your real birth date, and keep it less than a year from your real one.

Next you will have to choose if you are looking for men or women, and adjust the age slider bar accordingly. Here is where the surprises started for me; the ages of the women that are on the site. Most of them are very young. I will cover more about this in another post.

The final part of your basic info will be to add your net worth, and you annual income. This will complete your Basic Information.

The next section is personal info, and I won’t go into all of the details, as they are pretty self explanatory.

The Photo section is something you must think about. There are two choices; Public photos and Private photos. Public photos will be seen by everyone who is looking for your gender. So there is always a chance someone you know may see your photos. If you do not want this to be the case, choose private. That way, only users that you grant access to will be able to see them. This is not a sure fire way to insure that no one that you know will ever see them, but it helps. Remember, online dating of any kind requires taking some risks. If you are not comfortable doing something, DON’T DO IT!

Next is location. Add your primary location, and any others that may apply. Next will be description. You will need to add something about yourself in that section. This can be changed later, so just do your best for the time being. In my experience, this will change, but perhaps not for you. Describe yourself as best you can for now.

“What you are seeking” will be buttons that you can add, but you can only have seven. You can change the also. “Describe what you are seeking” is very important. However, this can also change. Again, do the best that you can for now, and go back and update and/or edit as needed.

The next section are verifications. If you decide this is something you want to try, I would recommend getting verified, but you no not have to do it in the beginning.

Lastly, you will have to verify your address through a link that they will send you. I will cover Tinder in another post.

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