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Women are beautiful. What they can do to you however, is not.



If you are like me, you will love the picture above. Wouldn’t you just love to slide into the sweet hole? PU$$Y. Damn it, I love it! I love the feel, smell, and taste of a pretty woman, and there is absolutely nothing in this world that feels as physically good as sliding my dick into a nice, tight cunt, and blowing my load. I like to fuck, be sucked, feel nice firm tits, grab a handful of a sweet A$$, and I love to lick and suck on a fresh clean cunt

However pussy, and my love and desire for it, has also been my downfall in the past. You cannot have real pussy without interacting with a woman. And the problem is women not only know this, they USE it, and they will use it to manipulate you as far as they can to get as much money, attention, and everything else they can from you with their pussy, tits, ass and mouth.

Me and most of the other men that I am aware of followed the same stupid paradigm. We landed the hottest chick we could get, married her, had kids with her, only to be dumped after she became bored. According to a 2015 study, women initiate 69% of all divorces. A 2015 study by the American Sociological Association found that women initiate two-thirds of all divorces, a staggering 69% to be exact. And worse yet, college-educated women initiate divorce at an even higher rate: 90%.

When the cunts I did marry eventually decided that living a married life, and honoring the commitments they made was just too much work, boring and not exiting enough, their minds inexorably started remembering and reliving the good ‘ol days when they were riding the cock carousell on a day to day basis. They longed for the day when they could just fuck without a care in the world. Like before they convinced you to marry them, to have kids with them, to build a life around them. Over time being married, which is something THEY demanded of you, was just too much work, so they go out and fuck some other guy behind your back.

I was raised that as a man, it was my responsibility to take care of my family. To take care of my kids, and my wife. In other words, I was raised to be a SIMP. I didn’t know that I was being a SIMP. I had never heard of the word until after I had been divorce raped several times.

I have kids, and I was glad to take care of them. Hell. it even made me proud. But the women that I took care of all ended up being a disaster for me. I was not a SIMP because I wanted to take care of my children. I was a SIMP because I believed that if I took good care of a woman, she would take good care of me. I was fucking wrong.

So after she fucks some other guy or guys, and kicks you out of the house that you payed for, the cunt files for divorce and then proceeds to suck every penny she can get out you. This is made even easier because she will have the help of a legal system that is way more favorable to women than men. How many times have you seen a man just eviscerated by divorce rape? And if their are children involved, she is MUCH more likely to get custody of the children, and you are forced to pay child support, usually is a ridiculous amount to her. You will not be allowed to just buy things the kids need as you see fit. The court will dictate what you will pay, and it will go directly to her. Fuck all that!!!!!

So what is a good man to do? I still want to have sex with women, but I don’t want to loose 1/2, or more, of everything I have when she decides to bail. I also don’t want to explain everything I do to a woman. I do not want to share decision making processes, especially financial ones with a woman who cannot make enough money to live the way she wants to live on her own.

This blog is NOT about hating women because I do not. I hate some of the things they do, but I have finally learned that they can only hurt me if I let them. If I give them the power to do so. Especially when you marry them without a prenup.

This blog is about how a man who has worked very hard to earn a decent income can have sex with some pretty, sometimes even beautiful women, without sacrificing everything you have worked so hard to attain.

This is the first post on my new blog. I am going to share some of my thoughts and experiences about my foray into an alternative lifestyle for men who still want to have sex, but refuse to be bound to a wife or a girlfriend, or all the problems that come with them.

If she is willing to do this for you…………. She WILL or has already done it with another guy. Chances are, if you marry her, or let her move in with you, she will do it behind your back, leave you, and her and her lawyer will divorce rape you. As beautiful as she is, she is not worth loosing half of your shit or more over.
Fuck her, just do’t let her move in with you.

Welcome to the Purple Pill.

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