Googling “Splenda Daddy”

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When I first started looking for an alternate form of having a relationship with women, stumbled across the term Splenda Daddy, As I wrote in my previous post, I found many derogatory things being said about it. But these negative things were being said by Sugar Babies. Women who were ONLY interested in landing some very rich guy, that could spend a fortune on them, much like Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman.

So of course these Sugar Babies (read prostitutes) had nothing good to say about a less affluent men that might treat them well, but could not afford Gucci or Prada shopping sprees. The Sugar Babies tended to give advice to other babies telling them to stay away from them if at all possible, but, if you do run across a Splenda Daddy, be sure to keep looking, and dump him for the real deal just as soon as you can.

Then one day it hit me. I cannot be a Sugar Daddy, but I could most certainly could be a Splenda Daddy. I mean whats the worse thing that could happen? I land some perfect 10, and fuck her brains out for a little while, and then she might decide to leave if she finds a richer man?. What is wrong with that? Do I care if she thinks I am a Sugar Daddy wannabe? No. especially when she is in my bed. I don’t intend on having a lifelong intimate relationship with her anyway. The pot was really starting to simmer with ideas and possibilities.

The young women pictured below obviously have no problems lifting their skirts, or pulling down their jeans, or spreading their legs to show you their pussy. And, I can tell you from experience that there are a lot of young women who are just a pretty as the ones shown here, that are more than willing to let an older man with a little disposable income, to do more than just see it.

Not every pretty young woman can find a Sugar Daddy. There are just not enough of them around. But, that does open another door………


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